Living Classroom

Learning from the Land

Set on the Piedmont plateau and rich in natural resources, Juneberry Ridge LLC is the ideal educational partner. Although a separate entity from the Juneberry Educational Foundation, the farm was founded by an avid environmentalist, who shares our belief in the power of regenerative agriculture to reshape the future.

As a working regenerative farm and event space, Juneberry Ridge offers an immersive “classroom” in which our students can practice and refine their understanding of polyculture practices and farm management, while gaining inspiration from some of the most beautiful spaces nature has to offer.


Explore deep water culture in a closed system aquaponics greenhouse. Learn about the interdependence of fish and plant production. While not considered regenerative, aquaponics will continue to play an important role in balancing the negative impacts of oceanic fishing. 

Commercial Greenhouse

The one-acre (43,000 sqft.) commercial greenhouse at Juneberry Ridge provides real-world experience for students to learn about large scale plant production. This is a great introduction for those interested in working in the horticulture industry and for farmers who may want to launch their own greenhouse operation. 

Regenerative Pastures

The livestock program allows students to see the impact animals have on the land. Students will learn about rotational grazing and observe the differences in plant and soil quality as a result of polyculture farming practices. 

Market Gardening

Market gardening areas in development at Juneberry allow students to learn how to grow seasonal produce and manage pests and weeds by regenerative means.

Homestead Hospitality

The Angler Homestead provides a unique opportunity for learners to develop perspectives on how agritourism and hospitality overlap.  For JEF, this provides a space for learners to see how both the farm and hospitality departments must work together for overall success. 

Event Hospitality

Students may choose work experience in planning, organizing, and executing events. This offers a unique learning experience for farmers or future farmers who want to develop hospitality programming for their agribusinesses.